I'm the Director of Communications at MailChimp. I'm a former magazine editor, and I've written for publications like Forbes, A List Apart, and Design Sponge. I love teaching people how to write like they talk. I wrote a book with Nicole Fenton called Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose, published by New Riders in 2014. I also worked on MailChimp's voice and tone guide, which you can read about at Fast Company. I live in Atlanta with my husband, and I'm working on my master's degree in strategic communications. 

A few ways to get to know me: Here's my latest talk at Webstock, a quick tour of my home office, and a Copyhackers podcast interview about voice and tone. 

Email: katekiefer@gmail.com 

Twitter: @katekiefer

LinkedIn: Kate Kiefer Lee