The Book Is Here! ***bonus dog photo***

Nicely Said is shipping now, and everyone has received their preorders. Nicole and I did a quick Q&A with Peachpit about some of the topics we covered in the book. You can buy it almost wherever books are sold. And here it is on Goodreads. And here's the cake edition.

Mark Llobrera already wrote this nice post about it, and I could just hug him. 

Leon says "Buy my person's book!"

Leon says "Buy my person's book!"

I haven't read the book since it came out. I'm struggling with the fact that the thing is published, so I can't edit it anymore. Every time I open it, I panic and close it. I'm scared to find mistakes or things I wish I could change. There's a stack of copies on my desk right now, and I've been giving them the side eye for a few days now. I know what I need to do.

I'm so happy to put it out into the world, though. Nicole has been a wonderful writing and editing partner, and she took on the project management side of things. When I was struggling to stay on top of book stuff and my full-time job, she was formatting templates in Word (god bless her), replying to emails from our publisher, maintaining our outline and publishing schedule, and texting me encouraging things like "We are writing a good book!" and "Be nice to yourself." I'm also grateful to our friends and colleagues who read early drafts and told us what they thought. In the book, we talk about the value of early readers. We all get too close to our writing, and asking people you trust to read your work with fresh eyes can be transformative. It certainly was for us. Friends, we properly thanked you in the back of the book, so here I'll just give you this hug: 

(/◔ ◡ ◔)/